Restoration of Photographs

To restore a photo means altering and restoring it to enhance its impact and clarity.

ThisĀ  first old photograph is from about 50 years ago of my dad playing polo in college on his horse Saber.

The original photo was very scratched and had lost much of its clarity. Although you can see an additional polo stick, most don’t realize that another player is in the shadow behind the horse. Notice that in the photo fix to the right how clear the image becomes. You can see additional detail and the photo comes back to life. For some, the renewal of the original becomes very important in the keeping of memories alive and for a more accurate representation of what was there in the original image.

Colorizing is another service that is available for your images. Do you have an old black and white photo that would look great if it was colorized? The color isn’t meant to be exactly like the original, but more of an artistic rendering of the original color which can be a stunning upgrade to the image. This process can even be done on faded color images as well.

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This is an example of an image that needed both restoration and colorizing.