Photo Images into Art

Basket of Onions

My ancestors were not particularly known for their artistic contributions to the world until my talented mother came along. Although she has sadly passed from this life, she left a legacy of artistic works that will never be forgotten. I got my artistic yearnings from watching her bloom as an artist when I was a youngster and though my expression was through photography from the beginning, I have to say she was very influential in my development. I constantly struggled with the “realism” that came to be in the photos that I took and the “fantasy” that was available to a traditional artist. I wanted to “blur the lines” between these two mediums so to speak (and yes, pun intended!) I feel that now in my later years, I have been able to accomplish this goal of taking an ordinary photograph and transforming it into an art piece. The struggle between my yearnings, true painter artists and the photographic purists are laid out in a different post…

There are many programs on the web now that can help one accomplish the transformation from photo to art, so it seems that there are many people who also strive to accomplish this form of art. I personally use Photoshop as my mainstay for this. I have Photoshop CC which is online access through Adobe to all of their fancy programs for a monthly subscription fee. I pay the $30 per month for the full spectrum of programs but there is a $10 a month subscription to be had for just Photoshop access. I also use other programs including Topaz, OnOne, Alienskin, Corel Painter, Photomatix, Portrait Professional and a host of other programs that I have bought and learned over the last 15 years. The learning curve is steep on these but doable!

Below is an example of transforming a photo into a painting. I used only Photoshop on this one. There are many treasures in thrift stores that make for excellent subject matter in these photos! I bought these dishes and set up the shoot with grapes and pecans I had in the kitchen. The shot required creation and the placing of the dishes in relation to the food was crucial. The background was contrived as well as the angle from which the image was taken. All of these basic artistic elements were considered before the photo was taken. Contact me if  you have questions or need help!


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