Why Do We Love Art So Much?

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Photographers are a dime a dozen. With the explosion of technology the ways in which to capture life in all of its glorious beauty and ugliness, comedy and tragedy, hope and despair are almost incalculable. So, as in any art form, one must find a way to distinguish oneself  from the crowd and offer something unique and different.

I have been a photographer almost my whole life. I recall my first experience with a camera at about age 7 and the excitement of capturing and preserving forever my vision was very exciting to me. But why?

Maybe because photography is art. And art is a form of purest communication. Art seeks to give and it begs for a response. Art, when done right, elicits a sharp intake of breath and an ensuing flush of emotion, hopefully of the positive sort but sometimes of the negative. We give back to good art. We immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of it, revel in its ambiance or morbidity. If its positive in nature we want to be near it always. We will do anything to acquire the source of that emotion so we can forever have it in our lives to experience over and over again in gluttonous delight. We will hang it off of sky hooks to follow us around. It appends itself to our very aesthetic sensibilities and to our deepest spirit. We treasure it in the highest degree.

But still why? Because in art we see ourselves in the simplest yet at the same time most complex version of ourselves. Art mirrors the soul, the spirit, the self. Art reflects what we want ourselves to be, what we tell ourselves we are; a fleeting moment of who we once thought we could come to be. Art delivers that bolt of belief and of certainty. And for that, we give our fortunes. For art is what great fortunes are made for when all is said and done.

Making art, then, is the highest form of recognition to another. Making art gives one the privilege of presenting another’s soul to himself. Art presents us with the deepest resonance of who we really are.

And who are we really? We are uniquely and unfathomably beautiful. We are pure goodness and light. Every one of us have that inside. It is there to be discovered and brought to view. Art alone can do that. Art can change the world, raising it up to new levels of beauty, invention and accomplishment by raising people in their estimation of themselves and their abilities to new levels of creation.
In precious loving memory of my sweet Mother who never gave up spreading her vision of love and light throughout the world with her art and her beautiful self-

Patsy Jean Fumagalli 1930-2014

Sharon Beth

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