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Girls on a Beach
Girls on a Beach

There are as many different ways to present an image as there are people in the world. Everyone of us, given the opportunity, would present the same image in a different and creative way. Whether it be by just leaving it as the camera saw fit to record it or, the other end of the spectrum, taking it to extremes that would make the image almost unrecognizable using all sorts of programs or plug-ins, every one would be different.


That is ART. It is the attempted and sometimes successful communication of an idea, a feeling or a concept via one’s chosen medium. It speaks to the eye of the beholder, either in apathy, fear, anger or exhilaration, it evokes a response. Sometimes its just “why?” and sometimes its “wow”, but all the same, we want a response in the observer.


I love to take photographs. As I excitedly go from one subject to the next, the thought in my mind is, “I can’t wait for people to see THIS one!” My subjects  are evoking a response in ME and I want to share the joy, the beauty, the wonder, the questions that come to me as I make images. I am driven to improve the quality of communication from my images. That is why I have moved into making paintings out of some of my images just to make them move to “that place” of higher emotion, conciousness or response from others. I don’t think it is because of my skill as a  photographer, it is because my vision pushes me out of the proverbial photographic box and explodes into more color! more detail! more story! Or less color, softer focus, more dreamy!


The images in this post started as photographs that I made and transformed into pieces of art. Check out more at!





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