Commercial Real Estate Sales Faux-Pas

I am continually amazed at the number of commercial buildings in San Bernardino county that are available for rental or purchase! As a seasoned photographer of real estate and other commercial buildings I realized that marketing these buildings is going to get more competitive and more demanding as the inventory increases. A professional series of images of these buildings would go a long way in showing the true impact of these buildings in terms of aesthetics, capacity, location and even its utility to the prospective buyer or renter.

I worked with an Orange County realtor who had a residence on the market for a few months with a single, “drive-by photo shoot” image displayed of the front of the house on her listing. The interest in the home was unremarkable until she hired me to photograph the home to present it in its best light. Within three days of the images being uploaded for display, she reported six new prospects who wanted to tour the home and it was in escrow within a week!

There are several points here; one is that, in our current society, people use the internet more and more to shop for a property before they choose which ones to venture out and walk through in person. As a matter of fact its been said that over 90% of people search the internet as a first action in the purchase process. Two, a picture is really worth a thousand words to a prospect who wants to start by creating in the mind how they will be able to use this property for their business. Three, I have been looking at listings and the images that represent most of the properties are dismally lacking in professional presentation.

A property that is worth from $1-5 million dollars certainly deserves proper representation on behalf of the agents that are attempting to sell it. And last but not least, the more eye-catching a photograph is, the more it will get attention, leaving other similar properties in the dark and passed over. Think about it. Which would you rather view? Visit  for more.








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