“When the Moon Hits Your Eye…

…like a big pizza pie that’s amore”…The song by Dean Martin is all about falling in love and how it makes you feel.  Love. That is what I feel for an image I have created for myself or a client. And unless I am loving that image, its not done. There is no place for anything less. An image needs to impart an emotional response, whether it be the towering, the intricate, the magnificent or the drab, all need to make one fall in love. Photography, cameras, equipment and post-editing skills all play a part in creating a perfect rendition of my vision. This applies to images of any subject, but most particularly to buildings, inside and out, which are my specialty. I create the “love” using composition, subject placement, point of view, lighting, color, shadows, detail, visualization, and most of all that special artistic viewpoint that develops through years of experience and care. It is also the intense exchange of ideas between myself and the client from which new creations are born.

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