Professional Real Estate Photography

People THINK in pictures. People REMEMBER in pictures. Pictures are our record of choice of many of our living events, personally and on a world-wide scale. We believe what is portrayed in a picture for the most part. We use a picture to initially judge a subject and then as follow up proof of the truth of that moment in time. 

Accordingly,  wouldn’t it make sense that when a prospective buyer goes online to look at potential homes to visit, he or she is going to gravitate toward the most eye-catching photographs of these properties. He is going to think more positively of the listing agent and know that enough care was taken to put up professional photographs. Choices of which properties to actually view will be made primarily on how it LOOKS in the picture and the emotional appeal that a well executed photograph can elicit.

You would think, then, that realtors would be lining up to get professional photographs made of their lisings, but no….Its a sign of the economic times that when it comes to marketing, that some people cut that budget first, to their own demise!

Here are two photographs, one is a “snapshot” of a house in the winter with dead grass and cars parked in front. Its a “drive-by shooting” of a home to list for sale. Its counterpart is a “fixed up” version of the exact same photograph. I took out the cars (reconstructing the landscaping and building behind the cars) and I greened up the grass as if it had been being watered and cared for in the summer I straightened the “converging vertical” effect on the house itself. I also fixed up the sky to make it more appealing to the overall impression. Which home would you visit? Which home invites you to stay and maybe even live there?

Don’t sell your properties or your buyers/sellers short. Insist on professional photographs and show your committment to the best presentation and marketing on the internet!

A plug for me: I love this kind of photography and the subsequent editing of the images. I have had great success. One testimonial – “I really enjoyed working with you and hope to see you in the future. I love all the pictures, they all look so beautiful and show how really beautiful the community really is.”

Let me help you as a realtor give your best presentation. I do stills, panoramas and tours for all your real estate needs. And head on over to my portfolio (click on link to the right) to see more examples of my work.

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