“Photocrastination” by Digital Photographer Sharon Beth

Monterey Pines by Sharon Beth

I am coining a new term, “photocrastination”. The definition is obvious – ” the inability to make up one’s mind as to the type of photographic niche one fits into.”  I am so guilty of this and I get admonishments (verbal reprimands) from the “powers that be” that I am committing photo career death in no uncertain terms. They could be right!  But I can’t help myself. I just get interested in recording light and capturing whatever the object may be, alive or inert. I AM going somewhere with this. My last post was about an actress portfolio that I had done, and this post is about buildings! Whatever the subject matter, I have the intention of beautifying, artifying, impactifying, showing off, and making a pizza-pie-land-in-your-eye type of encounter with the image.

copyright Sharon Beth Photography

Ok, so there’s this apartment building near where I live in southern California. They hired me to photograph the property in its best light so they can use the images for advertising. The property is really gorgeous, but the usual images rarely convey the beauty of such a location. They want it to look inviting. They want it to show the expansiveness of the property with its 17 acres and 400 trees, 2 pools, tennis and basketball courts and fitness center. They want you to know how it feels to wake up in the morning, look out your window as you sip on your first cup of coffee and see the sun rising through the trees and onto the expansiveness of grassy lawns. Now that is enough to inspire anyone’s interest, and then couple it with eye-catching images that enchant the viewer to the point of arriving to check it out. Mission accomplished!

copyright Sharon Beth Photography

My photocrastination has hit polar opposites! I feel just as good about the quality of both of the above mentioned sessions, with the intention of creating a “wow” effect that will enhance the subject matter to achieve its best impact on the targetted viewer.

copyright Sharon Beth Photography

So if you are in need of a photographer that specializes in: actors, models, musicians, real estate, head shots, parties, events, products, scenery and photos of any other object or life form that catches light, I am available!

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