10 Humorous But True Photo Headshot Tips from Digital Photographer Sharon Beth

As an experienced head shot digital photographer I have some tips, admonitions, warnings and quips for you to maximize you head shot session:

1. Wash and style your hair as if you are going to meet your future husband or wife that day! Its best not to get a haircut the day before the shoot unless you want to look like a shaved lizard in the photo.

2. Put on/bring your makeup – even if you never wear makeup, bring it anyway! Even the guys can go minimal on the makeup (or not) because makeup DOESN”T show up much on camera! If you don’t bring your makeup, I will bring mine and you will have to bear the humility of me applying it FOR you.

3. Get some sleep the night before. Don’t lie awake wondering how the photos are going to come out and so creating a worse situation with puffs under your eyes and red lines that I have to take out with Photoshop. I can only do so much with Photoshop.

4. DON”T wear Hawaiian shirts or Macaw prints to show your flair for color. This kind of clothing fights with your face and usually wins.

5. DO wear subtle solid colors like tan or off-white, brown and sometimes black. Bring a jacket or sweater to change the hues and shadows near your face.

6. Don’t look away from the camera and frown. This makes for a kind of boring or pitiful shot of you and usually isn’t representative of the kind of image you want to project unliess you are a dog looking for a home.

7. Do smile and look at the camera. Laugh at my jokes and you will get a better picture from me. Laughing at my jokes has the secondary advantage of creating a really genuine happiness toward the camera which more likely than not will be a pleasing image of you.

8. Never face the camera flat on. It makes even a skinny person look fat. The camera does add 10 pounds but in all the wrong places, like under your chin, your belly and upper thighs.

9. Always angle yourself at the camera giving it the “cold shoulder” effect. Tilt your chin down a bit to camoflage your double chin and it has the added effect of making you look sexily up into the camera lens.

10. Last but not least, remember a good camera is SUPPOSED to take detail, so every mole, hair, wrinkle, pimple and liver spot is going to show. But thankfully, because you have me as your hot shot photographer, I can fix all of that in Photoshop!

Happy Picturing!

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