Magnificent Geology

Astonishing is the only word that comes close to describing the magnificent geology of  northern Arizona, starting with Flagstaff. It snows in Flagstaff! There are beautiful mountains and trees there and the drive to the Grand Canyon is gorgeous! We arrived at the Grand Canyon just at sunset and got some great images before retiring to the hotel right in the park. The next morning, up before sunrise, we were there to witness the equally beautiful “before” and “after” sunrise views on the southern rim of the canyon.  Just trying to get the CONCEPT of such beauty and monstrosity is not really possible, then to try and get images that can begin to tell the story, well that’s the challenge! We were lucky to get a helicopter flight over the canyon and I got some pretty impressive images from that breath-taking point of view! What an experience! Its hard to conceive the amount of monumental forces that had to take place over unfathomable spaces of time to create this beauty.  To see just a few samples of the images I got from the trip go to: Included are some from Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona’s Lake Powell, and Monument Valley, all of which I can say there are no words… that is why a picture paints a thousand.

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