What Information Do YOU Need?

As a photo blogger, I am creating content from my own arsenal of experience. It is information that I would be interested in having myself at an earlier stage of my photographic and photoartist career. I wanted to know how to do things simply, from scratch and be able to work on baby steps in learning how to make my images better and more artistic. It is no small task in the photographic world to carve out a niche that will set you apart from the hordes of other photographers with the “better” camera, “better” lenses, “better” eye, and so on. You must be different from everyone else and create your own art. And THEN you have to make sure the world knows about your unique talent. It is because of these factors that I began to work on accomplishing my “niche” talent. I am sharing the very things I wanted to know how to do and spent many hours trying to find a simple and basic enough source to teach me.

I hope this blog offers some help in these areas and if it does, drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Announcing!! A new portfolio website I am creating to show my work.  The link is http://sunbeams.zenfolio.com  Check it out!

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