Restore Your Own Pictures Using Photoshop – Image Too Light

This blog is the first in a series of teaching you simple ways to correct, restore and retouch your own photographs!

Are your pictures too light?  In this blog I will show you how to simply and easily correct over-exposed or too light pictures using Photoshop Elements or higher.  First, open your image in your Photoshop program. Go up to the menu bar across the top and click on “Image” and scroll down to “Adjustments”. Click on “Brightness/Contrast” and it will open a small window with two sliders in it. First use the top slider to darken the image for best exposure. Then slide the bottom one to the left for less contrast, which will bring out more detail in the whitest areas. Keep tweaking each slider until you are satisfied with the result, bringing out the best possible image adjustment. Now save the image by going up to “File” on the menu bar and clicking on “Save As” and save your work with a new name. This will keep your original intact in case you want to go back and start over again with new adjustments. 

Check out some of the artistic adjustments and manipulations samples at If you want super photo artistic renditions of YOUR photos send me an email with your request!


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